Irelynn's Third birthday

First off, it was so great to partner with CC's Flower Truck for this shoot. Caitlin was so wonderful to work with and her truck and flowers were absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to work with her in the future.

It's been such a great tradition to take birthday photos of my little sister, Irelynn, every year. It's so fun to look back and see how much she's grown! It also gives me and my mom a chance to be creative, think outside the box, and plan a shoot that is so different from anything else I've done (P.S. she's the one who thought of incorporating CC's Flower Truck into this one!). I can only image how fun it's going to get when Irelynn becomes a teenager and can start brainstorming her own birthday shoots. It's definitely going to be a tradition that I want to do when I have kids of my own someday.

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A collage of birthday photos from Natalie Dyer Photography.

Photos from Irelynn's First, Second, and Third Birthdays.