How to Book the Perfect Colorado Wedding Photographer

Psst, this is something you may have not realized by now, but… 

You will spend MOST of your wedding day with your wedding photographer.

Not only that, but you’ll spend most of your ENTIRE wedding experience with your photographer. And with my clients, we’ll most likely stay in touch long after your wedding is over.

Think about it.

  • I'll take your engagement photos together that you’ll use on your invitations
  • I’ll give you recommendations for my favorite vendors in the wedding industry, people I know will care about you and your vision as much as I do
  • I’ll help you plan out your timeline to make sure your wedding day goes smoothly and stress-free
  • We’ll be together almost your entire wedding day, from getting ready in the morning to the ceremony to dancing the night away at the reception
  • We’ll chat weeks later about prints and albums and I’ll answer any questions you or your family might have
  • Heck, you might even hire me to take photos for your Christmas card years later
  • Surprise, some of my clients become my good friends! Or I’ll admire you and your new spouse from afar on social media :) 

Woah, that’s a lot! 

So what? Why is this important?

If you’re going to be spending this much time with someone and entrusting such a huge part of your wedding to, you need to find a wedding photographer that you resonate with. Someone you wholeheartedly trust to serve you and deliver. They should be your DREAM photographer.

A bride and groom embrace each other during their Colorado Mountain Wedding in Fort Collins, Colorado.

So how do I find my dream photographer?

Once you’ve nailed down your wedding date and venue, I recommend you find your photographer next. Then you can set up an engagement session right away and get those invites sent out!

Finding a wedding photographer is a little bit like dating —

  • You need to do a little bit of social media stalking to know what you’re getting into before you commit to them. You should love their photographic style - take a peek at their Instagram (scroll waaaay down!), Facebook and website. Do you like the way they edit (bright or dark, warm or cool)? Do you like the way they pose (candid + natural or posed)? Do they post photos from indoors or outdoors and how does that tie into the venue you have booked?
  • You should love their personality! Are they going to lift you up on your wedding day? Are they gonna get down with you on the dance floor? Or do you prefer someone who is going to be a fly-on-the-wall? Do you prefer someone who will keep you on track and on schedule or someone who will go with the flow and laugh with you along the way? 
  • Look up reviews from past clients! What are they saying about their experiences? Dig deeper than just the reviews that they're showcasing on their website. Look into their Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews.
  • Chat with them on the phone. Are they excited by your vision? Do they make you feel comfortable? The more comfortable you are with them, the better your photos will turn out. Are they in your budget?
  • While you’re on the phone with them, ask them questions! How many photos are you going to be getting? Will you have the rights to print them yourself or will you have to order prints and albums from them? Do they offer engagement sessions? What is their backup process? How do they store and protect your images? Do they require a deposit or retainer to hold your date? Do they know who their second photographer is?

Phew, that’s a lot. Once you’ve had all your questions answered, hopped on a phone call with them, and are feeling great about your decision, it’s time to book! The last thing to do is carefully read through and sign the contract, and pay that deposit!

A bride and groom kiss during their Colorado Mountain Wedding at Wedgewood Weddings in Bailey, Colorado.
A bride and groom pose for a photo during their Colorado Mountain Wedding in Denver, Colorado.

Woohoo! I'm booked! Now what?

If you’re booking with me, now is the time that I get to be an open book for you. You can text me at any time and ask any and all questions that will help you with the rest of your planning. I love hearing all your ideas and seeing photos of your dress! Heck, my favorite brides are the ones who ask me to go test cupcakes flavors for them ;)

Immediately after you book, I’ll send you—

  • My Wedding Guide - a 23-page guide chalked full of all the information I want my brides to know. This includes how your engagement session will work, what to wear, a sample timeline, and any must-knows for your wedding date
  • My Recommended Vendor’s List - A list of all my favorite people in the Colorado Wedding Industry. These are vendors I KNOW will take care of you.

I hope this guide proves to be a useful resource for you during your wedding planning + wedding photographer search! If you have any questions, feel free to email me at or through my contact page found here!